"A big thank you to Dr. Reddell who once again saved me from needing back surgery! Each time I start thinking, "maybe I should just give in and have it done" but God has used Dr. Reddell as His instrument to get me through it and restore my health!"

- Staci C.

"Yesterday was my first time to a chiropractor ever & it was great. Dr. Nolan was so informative & walked me through each move! I am 26 weeks pregnant with twins & haven't been able to sleep for some time, last night I slept amazing! Thank you!!"
- Brittanie H.

"Dr. Nolan has just been simply amazing. I've struggled for over two years with dizziness. I've been seeing him since March and in the last 3 weeks I haven't been dizzy at all. In fact I can say I'm 98% better. I've also suffered with migraine symptoms and those are gone as well. Overall I've felt much better than I have in awhile. I'm now just seeing him to maintain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Nolan. If you stick with his recommendations you will see results!"
- Robyn B.

Love going to see Dr. Reddell and Dr. Nolan. They have helped me get rid of headaches and back pain!

- Jackie S.

"Dr. Reddell is my uncle and has been adjusting me since I was a child. He has always made such a difference in the way I feel. He has also adjusted my kids since they were little and they have never had ear infections again 🙂 Chiropractic is the answer instead of surgeries and meds :)"
- Jamie B.

"I suffered from "silent reflux" since the spring of 2014. I did not know it was acid reflux since I have never had this problem before; I only had a warm feeling with some pain.I was on medicine for acid reflux, but never had anyone explain to me that there was such a thing as "silent reflux". The medicine only helped for a little while then it stopped. In June of 2014 I passed out and thought it was a heart attack. They took me to the ER and after 6 hours of test they said I had acid reflux. They put me on some new medication and it only worked for a short period of time before failing. In the Fall of 2014 I went to a Gastrologist and he said I have a hiatal hernia. When I told this to Dr. Nolan, he said he was pretty sure he could help me. He gave me a couple of adjustments and worked to help bring my stomach back to its original position. It was a " Miracle" for me! I call the adjustments a "Miracle" because the acid reflux was so horrible and unbearable at times."

- Kathy R.

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